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Springy – The base solution for a flexible sign post

The Springy series offers a smart solution to the potentially dangerous problem of run over signposts pointing against oncoming traffic.

Can be used with bollards, billboards, signs that may be at risk for repeated impact damage. Or if you would like it to return to its upright position after a hit. The Springy base will make the post flex back to standing after a hit, it also makes sure that the post doesn't twist upon impact. The product is specially designed for use in exposed areas, for example for posts located on traffic dividers or refuges. The patented system provides increased road safety and it has been crash tested up to 70 km / h without damage and has passed over 700 folds without error.

Note that the three Springy bases have different strengths, please contact us if you are unsure:

Springy black is suitable for plastic pipes up to 1.6 m.


Springy blue is adapted for galvanized sign posts up to 1.6 m with a mounted 600mm road mark.

Perfect for use with Pekumas Plastic bollard and sign arches with signs up to 400mm.


Springy red restores a galvanized sign post with height up to 2.7 m with a mounted 600mm road mark. No other foldable system even comes close to this! Perfect for use with sign arches with signs up to 600mm.


Click on the pictures below for more information.

Springy Black

Springy Blue

Springy Red

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