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Springy – Foldable Mounts for Galvanized Post Pipes

The Springy series offers a smart solution to the potentially dangerous problem of knocked-down sign tubes pointing towards oncoming traffic.

Ideally used with, for example, bollards, sign arches, or similar items that you wish to rise again after a potential drive-over or collision.

The Springy mount allows the sign tube to bend during collisions, ensures it rises again, and prevents the sign tube from twisting during impact.

The product is specially designed for use in vulnerable locations, such as traffic dividers or refuges.

The patented system increases road safety and has been crash-tested at 70 km/h without damage, and in these tests, it withstood over 700 bends without issue.

Please note that the three mounts have different strengths; contact us if you are unsure:

Springy Black is adapted for plastic tubes up to 1.6 m.

Springy Blue is suited for galvanized post pipes up to 1.6 m with a mounted 600mm road sign. Ideally used for our plastic bollards, sign arches for up to 400mm signs.

Springy Red resets a galvanized post pipe with a height of up to 2.7 m with a mounted 600mm road sign. No other foldable system comes close to this! Ideally used for sign arches for 600mm signs.

Click on the images for more information.

Springy Black


Springy Blue


Springy Red

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