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                   Weed Control Plates

Pekuma's weed control plates make ongoing operations and maintenance work much easier and cheaper, to the point where the investment is often recouped in a single season.
Clearing and mowing work, which is currently done with brush cutters, good spirits, and quick legs, can now be entirely rationalized away, and the benefits of this are substantial.

Not only does it eliminate the annual cost of labor and the heavy protection often required,

but it also significantly improves the working environment.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the result with weed control plates is perfect, eliminating grass, small bushes, and trees around every edge post, post pipe, or road barrier along the roads.

The plates are 50 cm in diameter and all, except for the plate for edge posts, can be opened and resealed to be mounted on existing setups.

Opening of the plate is done by a cut with a snap-off blade knife through the plate along a designated line.

When resealing, a clamp is installed by hand pressure.
No special tools are required, and a plate can be installed in a few seconds.


For new installations, of course, the plates do not need to be opened but are installed in conjunction with the other material.

Plates and clamps are made of impact-resistant PE plastic.

Click on the images for more information and take a look at our brochure.

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