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Pekuma's Flexi railing is a completely new flexible railing with features not previously seen on the Swedish market.

The Flexi railing is used to clearly mark and make it difficult for road users to choose the wrong route, whether it is pedestrian- or vehicle traffic. The Flexi railing can be mounted in places where previous mounting could not be done due to safety reasons.


The Flexi railing does not stop water and it has great visibility due to the reflectors. In case of a hit the railing folds to 90 degrees and then flexes back to its original upright position 


Other examples of use:

- Transit points and bicycle crossings

- Tapered roads

- Parking lots

- P-Houses

- Lane separation

- Preventing "Jaywalking"


Click on the pictures for more information.

Brochure Flexi Railing

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