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Pekuma's Flexi-Rail is a flexible barrier with features not previously seen on the Swedish market, significantly enhancing road safety in a very simple way.

The Flexi-Rail is used to clearly mark and make it difficult for road users to take the wrong path, whether it's pedestrian, bicycle, or vehicle traffic.

The Flexi-Rail can be installed in places where barriers have previously not been desired, due to the potential hazard they pose in collisions.

The Flexi-Rail can advantageously replace GCM (Guardrail Channelizing Markers) supports and similar.

Unlike GCM supports, the Flexi-Barrier does not obstruct water flow.

Even if small gaps are created between GCM supports, these quickly get clogged with sand, leaves, and debris.

A GCM support also needs to be marked to be clearly visible, to avoid collisions and costly repairs.
Our Flexi-Barrier is already marked with highly visible reflectors, and if it gets hit, it returns to its original position.

More examples of applications:
At pedestrian crossings and bike crossings.
At narrowings.
Parking lots.
Parking garages.
As a central divider.
To prevent "Jaywalking."

Click on the images for more information and take a look at our brochure.

Brochure Flexi Railing

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