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Stormwaterwell cover - Combi Plus

This model is designed to facilitate when it comes to both new installations, rebuilds and for future operations and maintenance. Combi Plus is quite unique with its three water inlets and innovative uses.


The cover consists of 4 parts: A bottom part with a built in pipe socket (scupper), a telescopic middle part with a vertical side inlet, a grating cover and a telescopic horizontal inlet grate with a function that we call "distribution tray", to be used when you want to use Combi Plus to collect and distribute the stormwater in rain-/plant beds or tree pits. 


Drainage of walkway/bicycle path takes place via the grating cover placed in the walkway. 

Drainage of the road takes place both via the horizontal inlet grate in the road and through the vertical side inlet placed in the curb.


As the cover has a pipe socket in the bottom part, it can be used as both a scupper and wellcover simultaneously. You do not have to demolish the old well and build a new one a few inches away. You just attach a 200mm plastic pipe directly to Combi Plus and lead the pipe to the old well. The old cover is then supplemented with a tight lid, which in most cases comes as standard. Sludge cleaning occurs from the old cover. Alternatively, you install our cover on top of a brand new well. Imagine the savings!


The lock on Combi Plus' lid is completely unique. It consists of two rubber bushings in the middle part, thanks to the rubber bushings, no noise arises as the lid is clamped in the bushings. No special tool is required to open the cover, a regular iron skewer works great.

Combi Plus is approved according to EN 124 C250.
RSK number: 6585275


If you want to look at Combi Plus in 3-D, you can look here:

Well cover "Combi Plus"


Since Combi Plus and its features differ significantly from "ordinary" stormwater well covers, the installation process is different. We are more than happy to come out and assist you all the way from planning to work preparation. Contact us and make an appointment.


See brochures and click on the pictures below for more information.

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