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 NEW! Stormwater Drain Cover - Kombi Plus

Kombi Plus is an advanced development of our standard cover.

It's unique in design and offers innovative applications.
With its three water intakes, it minimizes the risk of flooding due to clogged grates.

It also provides fantastic opportunities to utilize stormwater for irrigating tree pits or plant beds.

The cover consists of 4 parts:

A base part with an integrated pipe stub (spillway), a telescopic middle part with a vertical side intake, a slotted lid, and a telescopic horizontal intake grate.

Drainage: from pedestrian/cycle paths is via the slotted lid placed in the walkway.

Drainage: from the street occurs both via a horizontal grate in the roadway and via a side intake.

Drainage to plant bed or tree pit:

By installing Kombi Plus sunken and rotating it 180°, the street intake can instead be used as a dispersion basin (the grate is removed).

The cover's lid in the street then becomes the intake, and water is then led out to the plant bed via the dispersion basin.
Now, stormwater can be utilized on-site, letting vegetation take care of it and only burdening the water system with excess water.

See the image "Environmentally friendly irrigation" below.

The lid on Kombi Plus is designed so that it cannot seize, and the rectangular shape of the cover's middle part simplifies work during paving.

The lid has a unique lock consisting of two rubber bushings in the middle part.

No special tools are required to open it; a regular crowbar works excellently.
The cover is adapted according to EN 124 C250 RSK number: 6585275

If you want to look at the cover in 3D and turn and twist it yourself, you can find the link here:

Since Kombi Plus differs significantly from "ordinary" stormwater drain covers, the installation procedure is different.

We are more than happy to come out and assist you all the way from planning to work preparation.

Contact us to schedule a time.

Click on the images for more information and take a look at our brochures.

NEW! Combi Plus


Technical Drawing


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