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Stormwater Drain Cover with Side Inlet - Standard

Our versatile stormwater drain cover with side inlet is designed to facilitate installation, reconstruction, and future operation and maintenance.

The cover is unique in its design and can be utilized in many different ways.
It can be used sunken in, for example, slab surfaces, where a seal is used to seal the side inlet. Laying slabs is significantly facilitated thanks to the cover's rectangular shape.

Since the cover has a built-in pipe stub in the bottom part, it can be utilized as both a spout and a cover.
This eliminates the need to demolish the old well and build a new one a few meters away.
You can directly connect a 200mm plastic pipe to the cover and lead the pipe to the old well. The old cover is then complemented with a tight lid, which in most cases is available as standard.
Sludge suction takes place from the old cover.
Alternatively, the cover is installed directly on top of a new well.
The locking mechanism on our covers is entirely unique, consisting of two rubber bushings that lock the lid.

Thanks to the rubber bushings, there is no clatter as the lid is clamped in the bushings.
No special tool is required to open the cover; a regular crowbar works excellently.
The lid is designed so that it cannot seize when opened.
The cover is also approved according to EN 124 C250 RSK number: 7037801
If you want to look at the cover in 3D and turn and twist it yourself,

you can check here:


Since the cover differs significantly from "ordinary" stormwater drain covers, the installation procedure is different. We are happy to come out and assist you all the way from planning to work preparation.

Book a meeting directly for a demonstration.

Contact us to schedule a time.

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