Stormwaterwell covers

Heavy downpours are expected to be more common and more intense due to climate change. To be able to collect and infiltrate this water on site will become a cost effective solution to a great environmental problem. With Pekumas well covers "Standard" and "Combi Plus" you get every possibility to turn stormwater into a resource instead of a burden.

Both of our covers have a built-in pipe socket and scupper function, which is totally unique! The covers can be used directly on top of a well but you can also choose to use the supper function to lead the water. 


Both our models are equipped with side inlets, which means that they swallow a lot of water. The risk of the inlets getting clogged with leaves or debris is minimal because the openings are larger than in a conventional grating cover. 

Our latest model, Combi Plus, with its built in distribution tray makes it even easier to lead water from hard-made surfaces on to rain- or plantbeds that can infiltrate, store and hence delay the storm water before it reaches and potentially overloads the watersystem.

A smart way of thinking to ensure a sustainable future – we call it Eco Logic!

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Combi Plus