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             Stormwater Drain Covers

We have been working with stormwater drain covers for over 20 years.

During these years, we have developed covers in collaboration with architects, operations and maintenance personnel, water and sewage consultants, and end customers to produce covers that function optimally.

As the climate has changed with longer dry periods and shorter, more intense periods of rainfall, we also need a new type of covers!

Unique features of our covers include:
Larger inlets, which lead to a reduced risk of clogged inlets resulting in flooding.

Pipe stub at the bottom, allowing the covers also to function as a spout.

Unique locking mechanism, which means that no special tools are required for inspection or sludge suction.

A cover that cannot seize up.

The advantages and possibilities are many, read more about each cover below or contact us for a free demonstration!

A smart approach for a sustainable future.

                                                   This is what we call Eco-logic!


Combi Plus

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