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                   Delineator Posts

JB-Flexible has been tested for everything an edge post can be subjected to and has passed all tests!
It is a well-known and popular edge post with many advantages compared to other edge posts. Choosing JB-Flexible means you're not just getting any edge post.

You're also taking responsibility for the future in many respects, both in terms of environmental impact, operation/maintenance, and even economically, both during installation and in the future.

The advantages are numerous:
Developed for tough road environments.
Made from recyclable, impact-resistant, & UV-stabilized plastic of the highest quality.
Manufactured in Sweden, which contributes to less environmental impact in the form of fewer and shorter transports.
Low material consumption during production offers an environmentally friendly edge post at a good price.
Uniquely bendable.
The edge post withstands impacts, drive-over and repeated bending to 90°.
Easy and quick mounting.
Easy to maintain, simple to replace damaged parts.
Shallow installation depth.
350-450mm is sufficient and does not interfere with existing cables.
JB-Flexible meets the requirements of the Swedish Transport Administration and is approved according to EN 12899-3:2002 by Bast (Federal Highway Research Institute).
CE Certified by SP.
Just like a fixed edge post that needs adjustment after possible impacts, hits, or plow damages, JB-Flexible also requires maintenance to ensure that it does not remain in a constantly bent position for an extended period.

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Brochure JB-flexible


Declaration of Performance


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