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                         Springy Base Red

Springy base red is the  strongest spring mount adapted for galvanized steel pipes  up to 2.7m. with a mounted 600mm sign. 

The springy base folds during impact, flexes back to upright and ensures that the post does not rotate during a collision.


The spring bases are made of galvanized steel, which performs well in a traffic environment where sand and salt can often reach the ground surface.

They are designed for 60.3mm diameter galvanized posts - standard -

so no special solutions are required!


Springy base red can be installed in two different ways , either socket mounted (here you use an adapter) or surface mounted as it is.

The patented Springy base has been crash-tested at speeds up to 70 km per hour without damage and have passed over 700 folding tests without remarks.


Despite its solid construction and high quality, the springs are very affordable and pay off after a single collision!


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