Safety Rider


A heavy-duty, highly visible solution to lower speed in for example residential areas or parking areas.

Made from100% recycled rubber material. Easy assembly, sold in separate sections - build on site to your desired size.


· Molded reflective tape

· Can be connected and expanded

· Includes installation material

· Warranty: 3 years for the speed bbump and 1 year for the tape


Recommended uses: In parking areas, garages, schools, industries, hospitals, airports, residential areas.


Measurements per middle section:

Height: 50mm

Length: 900mm

Width: 500mm

Weight: 16,5 kg

Measurements per end piece:

Height: 50mm

Length: 900mm

Width: 500mm

Weight: 14,5 kg

Click on the images below for more information

Safety Rider speed bump
A very easy to install speedbump where you decide the length.
Safety Rider
A simple solution for an instant and efficient speed limitation.
Safety Rider
The durable, highly visible and very effective speed bump.
Safety Rider Sections
Safety Rider is sold in buildable sections so that you can decide the size. Use the endpiece for a finished look.
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