Paving Guard

UltraScape Paving Guard provides a versatile solution for joint protection in domestic, commercial and public realm projects. The product is an acrylic polyurethane hybrid and as such provides for both a user-friendly application and an extremely robust and durable finish, normally only achieved with solvent stabilised products.


· Stabilises jointing sand

· Protects from staining

· Solvent free

· Acrylic PU hybrid

· Limits chewing gum adhesion

· Facilitates easier cleaning

· Non-flammable

· 25ltr container

· NBS Plus registered for ease of specification

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Paving Guard
Paving Guard comes in jars of 25 liters.
Paving Guard in public area
Paving Guard reduces the ability of chewing gum to adhere to the paving surface.
Paving Guard Surface Sealant
When applied to paving as a surface sealant, Paving Guard forms a protective barrier to many common stain agents (oils, grease, foodstuffs etc.) and reduces the effects of such stains whilst also facilitating easier subsequent cleaning of treated areas.
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