Removable Bollard

Our lockable/removable bollards are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, fitted with red and yellow reflective panels. The locking occurs at the top of the bollard with an included triangle key. When the post is unlocked it can easily be removed.


The bollard is installed by casting. Height 1000mm.


This bollard can be a great alternative when it comes to restricting vehicle traffic but at the same time facilitating for operating- and maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles.


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Lockable bollard
The image shows our lockable bollard with the accompanying socket for installation in concrete.
Lockable bollard
The image shows our lockable bollard in hot galvanized design.
Lockable bollard, in black
The image shows our lockable/removable bollard painted in black.
The locking
The image shows the locking/unlocking mechanism for easy removal of the bollard.
The key
The image shows the accompanying key used to lock/unlock the bollard.
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