Instaband Thermoplastic Overbanding Tape

UltraCrete Instaband  is a thermoplastic, skid resistant overbanding and crack sealant tape designed for application to asphalt roads to prevent water ingress and progressive fretting, which leads to road structural failure. Instaband is supplied in 5 metre rolls, 35mm wide (40mm wide when installed) x 3mm depth for easy handling.


How to:

- Carefully clean the surface

- Preheat the surface making sure it is completely free from moisture.

- Remove Instaband from its protective wrapping and roll out on to the road surface, beaded side up

- Heat the Instaband  with a propane torch until it starts to bubble and melt.

- Instaband will cool down and harden within 5-10 minutes of installation

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Instaband Thermoplastic Tape
Clean the surface
The first step in repairing or sealing with the tape is to thoroughly clean the surface to be sealed. This is preferably done with a brush.
Heat the surface
Before laying the Instaband, the surface must be preheated so that the tape becomes more flexible and sticks where you want it.
Roll out the Instaband
When the surface is warm the Instaband is rolled out on to the road surface, beaded side up. The beads create friction to minimize slipping.
Apply heat to the Instaband
When the Instaband is applied, it is time to melt it into the crack or joint you want to seal.
The seal is complete
The image shows a finished seal. The Instaband seal prevents water from penetrating joints and cracks and destroying the road.
The finished seal
The image shows a finished Instaband seal
Finished Instaband seal
The image shows a finished Instaband seal
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