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Instaband Thermoplastic Overbanding Tape

UltraCrete Instaband  is a thermoplastic, skid resistant overbanding and crack sealant tape designed for application to asphalt roads to prevent water ingress and progressive fretting, which leads to road structural failure. Instaband is supplied in 5 metre rolls, 35mm wide (40mm wide when installed) x 3mm depth for easy handling.


How to:

- Carefully clean the surface

- Preheat the surface making sure it is completely free from moisture.

- Remove Instaband from its protective wrapping and roll out on to the road surface, beaded side up

- Heat the Instaband  with a propane torch until it starts to bubble and melt.

- Instaband will cool down and harden within 5-10 minutes of installation

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Brochure Instaband
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