Industrial mirrors

A surveillance mirror placed in the right location can prevent accidents and increase security where vision is obstructed, for example in truck-aisles or hidden exits. The mirrors can also be used to supervise automated machinery or conveyor belts. Thanks to the great durability they can also be used in food- or process industries.

The mirrors are manufactured in two different materials, tough acrylic or non-crushable PET.

The mirrors can also be delivered with heating to prevent fogging and condensation.

See our catalogue or click on the images below for more information.

Industrial mirror I94 in acrylic
Delivered complete with
with a galvanized bracket for mounting on standard pipes 50-76mm or for wall mounting.
Industrial mirror I94
Leveras komplett med förzinkat fäste för montering på standardrör 50-76mm eller för fasadmontering.
Industrial mirror I94 backside and bracket
The standard bracket for our Industrial mirrors suited for postpipes ø50-76mm.
Industrial mirror I94 in truck-aisle
Industrial mirror I94 in acrylic.
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