Glass mirrors


Surveillance mirrors manufactured in glass are used when extra high optical quality is required. Suitable for use in traffic-, industrial- and retail environments. The glass is mounted on an aluminum backside with a rubber frame. They come complete either with an adjustable U-bracket, telescopic T-arm or a bracket for 60mm posts. Individually packed.


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Glass mirror with  extra high optical quality
Can be used in both shop and traffic environments. Available in electrically heated version to prevent ice formation or condensation.
Glass mirror, backside with T-arm bracket
Bracket T-arm, telescopic
Glass mirror, backside with U-bracket
Glass mirror, backside with post bracket
Bracket for 60mm posts
Glass mirror, backside with cast bracket
Cast bracket (for mirror GS40)
Adjustable thermostat 230V
The electrically heated mirrors come with an adjustable thermostat.
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