Easy Rider


The Easy Rider speed bump effectively lowers the speed on passing vehicles to 3-8 km/hour. The sppedbump is made from 100% rubber from recycled tires. The design is flexible and guarantees great traction on all types of road surfaces.


Molded, high-reflective reflex tape in combination with glass "cat eyes" makes the obstacle very easy to detect, even in the dark. The channeled underside of Easy Rider provides protection for cables and hoses.

· Made from 100% recycled rubber

· Durable and cost efficient

· Decreases speed to 3-8 km / h

· Highly visible even in the dark.

· Resistant to UV light, moisture, oil and extreme temperatures

· Does not crack, peel or rot

· Very easy to pick up or move when doing maintenance work on the road

· Channeled bottom covers cables

· Easy installation, only 1 person is required

· Warranty: 3 years for the speed barrier and 1 year for the tape (in normal use).


Recommended in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic:

In parking lots and parking garages, outside shopping centers, at schools, hotel entrances, gas stations or in residential areas

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Easy Rider
A speed bump with fast and highly effective speed reduction.
Easy Rider
Lowers the speed on passing vehicles to 3-8 km per hour.
Easy Rider
Reduce speed in areas with a lot of pedestrians. Easy Rider provides effective speed reduction and easy assembly.
Easy Rider end piece
The end piece finishes off the look and leaves no edges to stumble on.
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