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Asphalt - Permanent Pothole repair

Permanent Pothole Repair is a permanent asphalt paving material approved according to BBA/HAPAS for repairs of streets and roads.

The repair is permanent and has a high friction value unlike other temporary repairs such as oil gravel or recycled asphalt. The surface is ready to drive on immediately after the work has been completed. Permanent Pothole Repair comes in flexible 25 kg buckets that prevent bitumen leakage. The gravel size is 3mm.

Features and benefits:

- Can be used in hot, cold and humid weather conditions.

- Cost-effective – Just one visit is required

- Environment friendly – Contains no solvents

- High friction value

Instant Road Repair 6mm and 10mm are also available upon request.

Permanent Pothole Repair is used together with SCJ-Bitumenspray.


Store in a cool and well-ventilated place.

The shelf life for unbroken packaging is six months under the right conditions .

Coverage: approx. 1 sqm x 15 mm


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Brochure Pothole Repair
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