Wooden bollards – for a sustainable future

Our wooden bollards have become a real bestseller, perhaps because they are made of such a natural, durable and environmentally friendly material as wood. Have a look in our brochure below for all the benefits of choosing wood!


We can offer two different standard designs - with or without a ball top. The bollards are turned by default from a material that is 150x150x900mm. We are happy to develop new models according to your wishes. Today we use pine as a standard, but we also have the opportunity to produce the bollards in, for example, oak or something a little more exotic. The bollards can be stained or painted in almost any colour you desire – nut brown and black are two favorites that blend into most environments and these have become our two standard colours.


Mounting: The bollard is very easy to assemble. A standard socket foundation for 60mm galvanized sign post is placed in the ground (if the bollard is to be installed in a soil surface, a concrete socket foundation is recommended). After the socket is in place, a galvanized post (60mm) is mounted. The post then fits perfectly in a pre-drilled hole in the bottom of the bollard. The fastening is done with four screws that lock the bollard on the post.. The bolls can also be equipped with signs for visually impaired and/or reflectors according to your wishes.


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Wooden bollard with hemp rope
The image shows our wooden bollard with ball. In this case, it is stained in the colour Nut-brown. It is also equipped with a strong hemp rope.
Wooden bollard with ball
The image shows our standard model with ball top. In this case it is stained in the color Nut-brown.
Wooden bollard with ball
Stained in Nut-brown.
Elevated mounting to help with lowering speed and increase visibilty at a crossing.
Wooden bollard with ball top, black
Wooden bollard, flat top, black
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Brochure Wooden Bollard

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