Mirror domes

These mirrors have several uses. While the domes give a good overview of the shop area and can prevent theft, they are also decorative. The mirror domes are designed to give a good overview of large areas.

The domes are manufactured in impact-resistant acrylic and the low weight make them easy to mount.

The domes come in 1/1-dome for ceiling mounting, ½-dome for wall mounting and ¼-dome for mounting in corners.

The domes are available in sizes (300, 400, 500, 600, 800 and 1000)mm.

The domes can also be manufactured in PET and are then available in the dimensions (300 or 400)mm.


See our catalogue below and click on the pictures for more information.

Mirror dome 360°
Mounted with chain/wire or directly to wall or ceiling with screws.
Mirror dome 180°
Mounted directly to wall or surface with screws.
Mirror dome 90°
Spegelkupol för montering i hörn. Monteras med skruv.
Mirror domes as decoration
Our mirror domes used creatively with lighting.
From the Monki store at Rue de Rivoli in Paris.
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