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Rainwater harvest above ground

For many, the garden is their own little oasis, a getaway where you can take a break from work and enjoy flowers, fruit trees, small plantations with strawberries, lettuce and onions, etc.

But, of course, everything must be watered down. Nowadays, it is more the rule than the exception that there will be short intense rains followed by a longer dry period. Climate change that we are simply not used to.

But why pay for chlorinated drinking water to irrigate your crops, when there is an almost infinite resource of rainwater that can fill a rainwater barrel with water?

In just half an hour, you can install a nice rainwater barrel for a downpipe and which only fills with water and lets leaves and needles flow further down the pipe, when the barrel is full, the water flows further into the pipe as intended from the beginning.

Our barrels have a practical water tap at a reasonable height for the watering can and also connection options for garden hose at the bottom of the barrel.

The barrels are really big in size so you do not have to worry about the water running out in the barrel.

So let the rainwater barrel become an ornament in the garden while the garden is green!

Our rainwater barrels are available in two different series, a standard serie "4-Rain" and a more exclusive series "Garantia" with a more elaborate design, a little higher quality and stylish water taps in metal.

The factory in Germany has many more models than we show on the website and our plan is to constantly expand this range with more models.

If you feel that you do not really find one that suits you, feel free to take a look at the manufacturer's pages for more models and we can take home exactly the tank you want!

Important! At the bottom of each tank is a drain plug, unscrew it and drain the water in the tank before winter, so you do not risk your tank freezing. Water expands enormously when it freezes to ice!

A smart way of thinking to ensure a sustainable future – we call it Eco-Logic!

Terranova wall tank 275 liters, Graphite gray

Size: H: 105 cm, W: 80 cm, D: 40 cm.

Linus 2 in 1, Zinc gray 220 liters

Size: H: 120 cm, ø top 58 cm, ø bottom: 40 cm

Natura 2 in 1, 350 liters, Ocean

Size: H: 150 cm, ø top 62 cm, ø bottom: 50 cm.

Antique Amphora 2 in 1, Dark granite 600 liters

Size: H: 142 cm, ø max: 92cm, W (at the handle): 104cm

Classic Sand Beige, 300 liters / 650 liters

Size: 300 liters: H: 180 cm, W: 60 cm, D: 40 cm. 650 liters: H: 192 cm, W: 80 cm, D: 60 cm.

Basic Sand Beige, 300 liters

Size: H: 210 cm, W: 42 cm, D: 40 cm.

Arondo, Graphite gray, 250 liters / 400 liters

Size: 250 liters: H: 93 cm, W: 60 cm, D: 60 cm. 400 liters: H: 104cm, W: 79 cm, D: 79 cm.

Slim stone, sand beige, 300 liters

Size: H: 182cm, W: 58 cm, D: 37 cm

Slim wood, dark wood, 300 liters

Size: H: 182 cm, W: 58 cm, D: 37 cm.

Vaso 2 in 1, Grafty gray, 220 liters

Size: H: 120 cm, W: 58 cm, D: 40 cm.

Vino, Dark brown, 250 liters / 400 liters

Size: 250 liters: H: 93 cm, ø max: 65cm. 400 liters: H: 105 cm, ø max: 78cm.

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