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Infiltration tunnel 300L & Double 600L

  • The infiltration tunnel is mainly developed for use on private land as a few individual sections are often sufficient to infiltrate rainwater from a normal-sized villa.

  • Two tunnel-sections are connected by clic-bolt connectors to each other, and are closed by an end plate at each end.

  • The system is very flexible and is built in one or more parallel and interconnected lines at the same level.

  • Thanks to the low height of the tunnel (510mm), an ordinary road ditch can easily be converted into a huge infiltration plant, only a 250mm superstructure is required.

  • A tunnel section weighs only 11 Kg, which makes it very easy to handle and easy to work with during installation.

  • The tunnel sections are transported stacked in each other and have pallet-adapted dimensions, which gives an extremely large infiltration volume with a minimal transport volume. As much as 12,000 liters of infiltration volume on a single pallet, which also means very low CO2 emissions.

  • With only a 750mm superstructure, the single tunnel can withstand truck traffic up to 60 tons.

  • The tunnel can also be mounted "double", which gives a volume of 600 liters of only 1200mm length.

  • If the tunnel is mounted twice, it can withstand car traffic with only a 500mm superstructure, but not truck traffic.

A smart way of thinking to ensure a sustainable future – we call it Eco-Logic!

Contact us and we will tell you more!

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